• I play football. — present simple.

    I played football yesterday. — past simple.

    I wil play football tomorrow. — future simple.

    I am playing football now. — pr. cont-s

    I was playing football at 7 oclock yesterday. — past cont-s

    I will be paying football at 5 oclock. — future cont-s

    I had played football by 3 oclock. — past perfect

    I have just played football. — pr. perf.

    I will have played football by dinner — fut. per.

    I had been playing football for 2 hours when he came. — pr. perfect progressive

  • I am playing a game at the moment.

    I was playing the football when she phoned.

    I played the basketball two years ago.

    I am keen on playing basketball .

    I Will never play football.

    I will be playing football .

    I have already been played football.

    I have played the game.

    I had played the game.

    I will have been playing a game.

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